Always on the ball for maximum security.

All cables and conducts from Kabeltec are testified quality products and accomplish the strict security standards of all important national and international norms such as IEC, BS, ASEC, VDE, IMMEQUE, CE, USE, KEMA, DIN, ANST, UI, CSA, MIL, OCMA, MESC, EEMUA, SVE, UTE, JIS, KS, a.s.o.

Quality check with certificate

After finishing the production of the cables our own quality control management proceeds a series of tests. There is no cable of our production leaving our premises without a careful control in our own laboratory . Only when all test results are according to our required demands, we complete each cable drum with a testified certificate.

Factory acceptance test (FAT)

If required we can arrange a factory acceptance test executed by our customer or by an external inspector. All ultraflexible and robot conducts are examined in our laboratory. In our cable carrier-test installation up to 5 million cycles are simulated.


TÜV Certificate H01Z2Z2-K