Hitting a rich seam of energy innovation

We have been amongst the leaders in cable technology for over 30 years, covering the globe out of our subsidiaries in more than 20 countries. In 1996, we also started operating out of our Asia-Pacific site in Singapore/Shanghai. We stand out compared with other suppliers due to our well-established know-how and a wide product range of tried and tested high-voltage cables, power lines, custom-designed goods and complex systems solutions at cost-effective prices.

We have quite a lot in common with our cables. We create strong connections in the world by making sure that everything is working in unison. All kabeltec employees are highly qualified and specialists in their area. Ever since the company was founded in 1989, we have enjoyed above-average sales figures. Our well-known reference clients, our core customers with whom we are working for many years and our constantly growing customer base - covering industry and trade companies - have come to associate us as project managers with the energy we bring, from advising them on the cables they need for the job, via production control, right the way through to test runs prior to the conclusion of the project and delivery on time. What we have to offer far outstrips the usual range of standard services: right from the design and implementation phase of complex systems solutions, we are plugged in and switched on: with sector-specific knowledge and well-engineered technological skills, we don’t just meet our customers‘ expectations, we exceed them.

Perfect performance – our outstanding ServicePlus

Here at kabeltec, we don‘t just actively focus on our customers, but we made it our priority. With our constant operational readiness,insider knowledge and personal service, we develop strategies and approaches to our work to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied at all times.

What this means on a day-to-day basis is this: we reduce our customers’ workload by taking on extra stages of the project at the acquisition phase, and through the resulting logistic measures. We can turn around all enquiries, contracts and custom goods quickly and with precision. Working closely with our customers, we start off by establishing an individual needs analysis and guarantee to provide seamless service from the day we accept the order, through assembly with precision cable cutting to punctual project delivery, all at competitive prices.

Our unique selling point is our unbeatable reaction times while sacrificing none of our service quality. You can get hold of us in person at times of the day when you would get the answerphone everywhere else.

Our highly-trained service technicians have many years of technical knowledge and experience to put to use in customer-specific individual projects, due to their interconnected thinkingand highly practical innovation skills.The world is turning faster on its axis, requirements are changing by the hour, but one thing never changes: the extra-special quality of our service.

These are the wires the world uses to communicate

The kabeltec group of companies works with a number of business partners around the world and has made a name for itself in a wide range of sectors, due to its highly extensive product portfolio.

The standards applicable can vary greatly from country to country and every sector of industry has its own specific technical requirements. This is where our sound technical knowledge in the cable technology industry comes into its own, as it allows us to advise our clients when selecting the right type of cable for any number of applications.

  • Offshore construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • Power station construction
  • Data transfer
  • Petrochemicals, oil and gas
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Communication technology
  • Transport industry
  • Coalmining
  • Cement production
  • Gold mining
  • Steelworks
  • Construction industry
  • Paper and pulp industry
  • System control and automation
  • Automotive

Live wires. At every stage.

Whatever your particular field of application, our cables brings worlds and people together. Over enormous distances. And for many years to come.

  • Control cables
  • Data cables
  • Cables for use in drag chains
  • VDE-approved cables
  • Cables according to foreign standards
  • Installation cables and single cores
  • Compensating cables and heat resistant
  • Halogen-free cables
  • Flat cables, lift-cables
  • Marine cables
  • Fire signal cables, telecommunication cables
  • Power cables
  • Rubber cables
  • Sound and lighting cables
  • Coax and bus-system cables, curly cables
  • Custom-made cables
  • System applications

Even our longest cables have a short lead time

We have given a lot of thought to our storage and logistics structure so that we can guarantee fast availability and flexible, just-in-time dispatch. We always make sure that we keep some of our storage capacity free within our extensive warehousing facilities, so that we can honour your orders in exact accordance with your current needs. Our state-of-the-art security technology keeps your cables safe from theft, loss or damage in our well-monitored warehouse.

On top of this, we pledge always to keep an adequate supply of the most-needed items of our regional customers in stock. We are constantly striving to make sure that there‘s nowhere else you need to go to cover all of your cabling requirements.

„The quality of our service and after-sales care is legendary, or so our many satisfied customers tell us!“

Switched on for maximum safety

All our cables and power lines are tried and tested quality products and fulfil the strictest safety standards of the relevant national and international norms, such as IEC, BS, BASEC, VDE, IMMEQUE, CE, USE, KEMA, DIN, ANSI, UL, CSA, MIL, OCMA, MESC, EEMUA, SVE, UTE, JIS, KS etc.

Quality control- with certification

Once cable production is finished, our in-house quality control process, with a wide range of tests, begins. No cable leaves our factory until it has been carefully tested in our own laboratory. Not until all of the test results show that the required specifications and standards have been met does each reel of cable receive its test certificate.


Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

Upon request, we are able to initiate a Factory Acceptance Test, which can be carried out by our clients or by an external tester.

All high-flexible and robot cables are tested in the laboratory. In our drag chain testing facility, we can simulate up to 5 million cycles.